Written for Food&Home. Originally published on 12 October 2022.

Woolworths is starting a movement with their ever-increasing Chuckles range.

The recently spotted Chuckles Mousse has hit the shelves and it’s sparked a variety of fan theories. One user going so far as to ask Woolworths if biltong is next for the Chuckles takeover.

What makes “Chucklete Mousse” special

Twitter user @kimberleydujour shared her thoughts on the branding, but otherwise this new chocolate dessert is just in time for our summer menus.

It’s 95% chocolate malt mousse and 5% milk chocolate shavings – making it 100% a must-have for all the South African chocolate lovers.

From milkshakes to smash celebration cakes, what’s next for the Woolies’ Chuckles range and their foray into more dessert categories?

We haven’t forgotten about the Woolies’ Malva Milk Tart Cascading Cake and how this TikTok-worthy cake stole the show back in September.

Feature image: Unsplash