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The product was created for informational purposes only. You accept that you are responsible for how you use the information available in the product. Sandy Norman Concepts makes no guarantees and you accept that results may vary between individuals. Sandy Norman Concepts is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may be present in the product. Sharing the digital product is prohibited. You will lose access to the product and forfeit your payment.


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Changes to the Service

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Payment Plans

If a customer does not complete the payment plan or pay a subscription on time access will be revoked to that product. 

Canva Templates

Canva templates are customisable templates to be used with Canva for personal use only. Canva’s terms and conditions apply to Canva templates on sale. Sandy Norman Concepts does not accept liability in relation to how you use the Canva templates. Sandy Norman Concepts is not sponsored, associated or endorsed by Canva.


Due to the digital nature of the products available on Sandy Norman Concepts shipping fees are not applicable. Digital products will be available after purchase and received via email. Clicking the download link will enable you to download the product from Google Drive. If you have issues with receiving your product, please email 

Lifetime Access

You’ll have lifetime access to the product for as long as the product is available. If the product is discontinued you will no longer be able to access it. Sandy Norman Concepts may or may not provide notice before discontinuing a product.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

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