How about a spoopy ceramics workshop for Halloween?

I first discovered Calico Ceramics on the ‘gram and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the delicately cute designs.

Particularly the Cacti Trio Ring Bowl, which I snatched up as soon as possible.

Calico Ceramics was founded by Danielle Le Chat, and her story is one that inspires creativity and hope. Hope for something bigger, better, and more fulfilling.

Whenever I learn the journey of a creative entrepreneur, I can’t help but think: Yes, someone who has found their purpose beyond this capitalistic hellscape.

“Life has this funny way of figuring things out, and you’re always in the exact right, perfect place at all times in your life – even the really scary, shitty times are all perfectly meant to be. Just trust it. Go with it. Something beautiful awaits.” — Danielle Le Chat

I’ve attended two of her workshops in Cape Town, and there’s another one coming up on the 1st of October to make spooky Halloween-themed decorations.

Supporting local businesses is more important than ever thanks to the dumpster fire that is loadshedding.

Particularly a business like Calico Ceramics that relies on electricity to fire her beautiful creations. Remember to be kind, understanding, and appreciative.

Take a look at more of her handmade creations on her website.

Feature image: Danielle Le Chat