Written for Cape {town} Etc. Originally published on 18 March 2023.

“Memoirs of Light” is an exhibition that invites you into the mind of three talented artists: Ramzi Mansour, Samantha Lee Osner, and Martin Osner. The theme of the exhibition embodies a timelessness that evokes feelings of familiarity and nostalgia for years past.

Each artist approached the theme in their unique style that captured different moments in time – all with light as the guiding vessel.

Demure by Ramzi Mansour

Ramzi Mansour explores the vulnerability of the human experience through striking mixed-media portraits of women. Each piece showcases the perspective of the woman portrayed in a way that exudes strength and hope. 

“I feel really centred about where I find myself in my work in this exhibition. I challenged myself to move beyond my signature black and white photography to incorporate mixed media. My aim was to create pieces that would showcase the raw vulnerability of the human condition through a modern female aesthetic and ultimately to tell the story of hope through light,” Mansour explains. 

“This has been my own personal journey of growth and evolution, both as a photographic artist and as a human being,” he adds.

Take note of the textures present in each piece: the ethereal almost translucent nature of the butterflies in “Metamorphosis” and the shiny pieces of sequin in “Nostalgia” with even more to discover in the remaining four pieces.

Précis by Samantha Lee Osner

Picture: Précis by Samantha Lee Osner

Samantha Lee Osner combines mixed media with minimalism to showcase the ethereal insignificance of the human experience in contrast to the all-encompassing embrace of nature.

Samantha Osner says of her work: “The artworks I will be exhibiting is about humanity and nature. It’s about the insignificance of personal struggles in the grand scheme of life and the simplicity and serenity of nature. I am exploring the relationship between humanity and nature. I want to highlight the insignificance of personal struggles in the grand scheme of life and appreciate the simplicity and serenity of nature.”

The expansive landscapes swallow up the human focal points as seen by the lonely umbrella in “Summer Tide” and the two figures in “Passage.” A hazy colour palette draws you in and guides you to closely examine the small details in each piece.

Yesterday by Martin Osner

Picture: Yesterday by Martin Osner

Yesterday feels like examining people and places stuck in time. The blur of a woman walking on the beach, clouds caught mid-journey to their next destination, and a tree that hints at the wind bending it with time.

“My exhibition is an exploration of life, moments of hope and joy that mysteriously remain etched in our subconscious for a reason,” explains Martin Osner. “Timeless memoirs etched deep in our subconscious matured and sugar-coated in nostalgia for positive recollection. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is still a silver lining. These memories are a testament to the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.”

Look closely at the painterly textures that bring the artwork into the real world with an air of surrealism.

As you peruse the 18 new artworks, each piece tells a story that draws you in and encourages you to uncover your own interpretation.

Take note of the small details and reflect on the stories that accompany each piece. You’re sure to leave feeling inspired with an appreciation for the power of light in art.


  • On view: 16 March – 8 April 2023
  • Opening hours: 10am – 5pm
  • Address: The Argyle, 1 Argyle Street, Woodstock, Cape Town

Feature image: Sandy Norman