I wrote a poem for Amy Sturz’s innovative Supernatural Podcast inspired by her subject matter of creatures from folklore, myths, and legend. You can listen to the episode right here.

Nature’s Siren Call

Wildflowers wilt

The clouds continue to weep

You lay awake

Unable to sleep

A far-reaching branch 

Gnarled by the wind

Rattles the window

Like knuckles on glass

A crack in the distance

The forked tongue of lightning

Brings to mind your childhood fears

Of thunderstorms

Of flooding rain

Of not being alone in the dark again

Blinded by the sheet of white

Your eyes adjust

To the sombre darkness

How sure are you that you’re alone?

Do you not see the pale figure?

Do you not hear its rasping breath?

As it creeps ever closer,

To the side of your bed.

An unhinged smile

Eyes flecked in red

Its hands outstretched

In a paralysing greeting

The second crack follows

With an immediate spark





You’re inside the storm…

Heeding nature’s siren call.

Find out more about the podcast in Amy’s interview with the Duluth News Tribune.