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Written for Food&Home. Originally published on 29 March 2023.

Easter is an exciting time of year for those who celebrate. It’s a time for rest, family meals, and – of course – lots and lots of chocolate.

But there’s something that everybunny should keep in mind when getting ready for the long weekend: Don’t buy bunnies as Easter gifts.

This time of year is when rescues like Hop Haven become inundated with dumped rabbits that children get bored of once the thrill of Easter is over.

Rabbits are exotic pets meaning that they’re a little more complicated than you’d expect. They’re a 12 year commitment that requires a LOT of work (and love).

Instead of gifting pet rabbits, take a look at some of these cute rabbit-themed gift ideas.

Sweets and treats for your Easter hunt

Astir Chocolate Easter Figure 200g / CheckersLindt Gold Chocolate Bunny 50g / Checkers
Wawi Easter Rabbit & Eggs 175g / CheckersCHUCKLES® Milk Chocolate Bunnies with Malted Puff Pieces 5 x 24 g / WOOLWORTHS
FANTASTICAL™ Milk Chocolate Bunny with Multi Coloured Eggs 80 g / WOOLWORTHSHollow Milk Chocolate Bunny 180 g / WOOLWORTHS
Reigelein Easter Chocolate Bunny 150g / CheckersChoco Lux Milk Chocolate Half Egg 6g / Checkers
Milk Chocolate Lolly 20 g / WOOLWORTHSThe Hopville Family Easter Chocolate Treat Pack 384 g / WOOLWORTHS
Bunny Biscuit Decorating Kit 230 g / WOOLWORTHSIced Vanilla Bunny Biscuit 40 g / WOOLWORTHS

Toys and accessories for the years to come

Kids Breakfast Mug & Chocolate Flavoured Puffed Rice Cereal 30 g / WOOLWORTHSAstir Small Praline Easter Bunny 100g / Checkers
Hand Puppet with Milk Chocolate Hollow Eggs 3 pk / WOOLWORTHSEaster Egg Plush Bunny Toy / Checkers
Easter Bunny Hunt Bag / WOOLWORTHSDouble Walled Glass Mug with Choc Flavoured Marshie / WOOLWORTHS
Hoppy and Poppy Bunny Soft Toy / WOOLWORTHSSmall Cuddle Bunny Soft Plush Toy / WOOLWORTHS

And we’ll end off with a message from Queen Blanco herself:

If you have a rabbit (or just love the song) grab the Instagram reel template and make one yourself to spread some meaningful Easter cheer.

Feature image: Unsplash