Concepts to Content

And still we rage.

What do you hear in the salty sea air? 

The call of the mountain or those that despair? 

In a place that hides behind beauty, women live in fear.

Without protection, 

Without acknowledgement.

Our voices are lost against the backdrop of political outrage.

Yet our rage burns fiercer.

As the masses pretend not to hear.

Remember the protests? 

The promises of change?

They mean nothing now.

As the violence continues.

But we will continue to fight.

To bang the drums of tenacity.

Until you hear us.

Until you vow to keep us safe.

We will never be still.

We will never be quiet.

But are you with us?

Or will you avert your eyes.

And speak of other things.

Pretending that everything is fine.

As you accept your male privilege.

In the rape capital of the world.

Categories: Art & Poetry