Copywriting is an art form. Do you know the secret formula?

The AIDA principle takes us back to basics when it comes to copywriting, but if you can visualise it in your writing, you’re good to go.

A = Attention

Start by grabbing your reader’s attention. A powerful hook makes them want to keep reading.

I = Interest

Pique their interest. Why should they be interested in what you’re writing about?

D = Desire

Make them want what you’re writing about. Evoke the senses and get your reader excited about what you’re saying.

A = Action

Finally, a call to action. A strong call to action at the end of a piece of writing is the key to conversion – or even simply starting a conversation.

A few ideas of a call to action may be:

  • Book a call
  • Leave a comment below
  • Sign up to the newsletter
  • Download this free resource
  • Tag a friend that feels the same way
  • DM me with your questions

This simple but effective principle acts as a funnel as you guide your reader through your story and urge them to take action based on your attractive offer.