Will your content be seen? How do you know that it’s making an impact?

With all the content available online it can feel hopeless trying to share your brand’s message with your audience. It can be even more of a challenge trying to attract the attention of new potential clients or customers.

To make a lasting impact it’s time to get into the head of your ideal client.

What is it that they need?

You may see the value and importance of your product or service, but your ideal client might not know that they need it yet. They might see your product, admire it, but not pursue it further because they don’t see how it would benefit them.

The best way to get them to understand your message is to show them. It’s one of the oldest writing tricks: show don’t tell. Show them what your product or service does. How it will make them feel. How it will change their life for the better.

Content that Connects

The trick here is to create content that connects. Create content that embodies how they want to feel. Your content should make them feel good. It should inspire them to take action. If your audience feels a connection between themselves – their pain point or desire – and your product, you’ve got a winning formula for content. They need to be able to see themselves in your content to really start to resonate with it.

A big part of your content marketing strategy should be to take a closer look at how you can better serve your audience. This can be done in a number of ways: market research, focus groups, interviews, social listening, and even asking your audience directly.

What do they want?

Understand Your Ideal Client

Take note of the language they use and include it in your content. Sharing content that uses their own words means that they are more likely to understand your message. Knowing your audience on this deeper level means knowing how to connect with them through your content in a way that creates a lasting impact.

A lasting impact doesn’t necessarily mean life changing content that is absolutely perfect. Even the simplest of messages can be effective if not even better than a clever, more complex message.

People want to be heard and if your content addresses your audience’s pain points, they are more likely to resonate with your message and – most importantly – remember it. 

Repurpose Your Message

The best part is, if you find the perfect message, why only use it once? You can repurpose and repackage your message into different formats for different platforms to reach a wider audience and attract the attention of new audiences.

Not everyone is a visual learner – some people may prefer their message in a podcast. The more you diversify your message the greater your chances are of making a lasting impact on your ideal client. Content is about connection and what better way to connect than to have a conversation with your audience on platforms that they’re on in media formats that they like to consume. With repurposing this makes it simple.

In essence, content that makes a lasting impact is content that speaks to your ideal audience in their own language. It’s content that helps them understand how your product or service will make them feel. Market research or focus groups can sound daunting but the value that you can get out of them in understanding your ideal client on a more personal level is invaluable. And bonus points for repurposing that expertly crafted message into more formats to make your content go further – literally and figuratively.