This month I chatted to Jade Geary, mentor of the Lumos Collective.

Jade is a healer and all round wonderful person. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Jade through one of her programs. She has incredible insight and is always keen to help. She recently rebranded and I asked her a few questions about her shift in focus and a few elements that are important to her business.

I hope that you will enjoy learning from her answers as much as I did!

What sparked the change of focus for your business?

I love this question. Honestly, I’d been feeling the nudge to change the focus of my business for well over a year but I kept holding myself back. Part of it was because I was finishing my doctorate and I felt like I had to have my business be in line with what my doctorate was in. I was feeling this weird pressure that I was “wasting” my education if I wasn’t applying it in my business. But the thing is, I use my doctorate everyday even if it isn’t in the traditional sense. But it goes deeper than that. Starting in 2017, I got really sick. I was constantly at the doctor looking for answers. It was a lot trying to balance school, a full-time job, my business, my marriage, and being sick. So I started looking at alternative healing methods and investing in mentors who taught me a great deal about my body. Through that journey I discovered things like essential oils, crystals, reiki, breathwork, and the huge role that your mind places on your gut (and the rest of your body). It’s through my own healing journey that I really found my passion. I knew the universe was nudging me to help other women in that area and I just couldn’t deny it any longer once 2021 hit! 

What inspired your new branding? If you could describe your new branding in one word, what would it be?

The new branding was so much fun! Of course to arrive at this brand there was a lot of Pinterest and Instagram searching to find looks that I loved and didn’t love. My designer, Sarah, and I came up with a lot of fun mood boards that all had a different feel. I really wanted something timeless, witchy, and also academic. Honestly, when Sarah showed me the moodboard for this branding I just described it as me! 

What benefits do you see in using spirituality and tarot cards in your business? Where can people start using it in their own businesses?

This is such a good question! I think there can be a lot of skepticism when it comes to using things like spiritual tools in your business but it is all about what you’re comfortable with. If you’re interested in adding spiritual practices to your business you don’t have to dive into anything that makes you uncomfortable, start small and let yourself be guided to what you want to try next.  If you find yourself getting nervous before sales calls then practicing breathwork or turning on a playlist and shaking it out before your call is a spiritual exercise that will help! If you’re super anxious and often fidget, investing in crystal palm stones can be a great way to dive into crystals. Not only can you get ones that will help in your anxiety but they are great to hold during your meetings. My favorite palm stones for anxiety are blue lace calicate, purple amethyst, rose quartz, and howlite. I love using tarot to get guidance on what to include in my programs, for guidance about what the day will bring, and general guidance about my business. Tarot feels scary accurate because it is going to reveal answers to you that all you can know. It is going to help illuminate any feelings that you have, anything you’ve been struggling with, and the meanings of the cards will help make that all clear. If you’re new to tarot, I think it is great to start with a reading from someone so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to read for yourself. I was shocked with my first tarot reading and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

What does alignment and intuition mean to you in your business? Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs looking to add these elements to their own businesses?

Alignment to me means making sure your offers make sense for what you do but also staying in integrity with what you do. If you haven’t had a 100K month, you shouldn’t be teaching others how to have one. If you haven’t gone viral on a platform then you shouldn’t be teaching it. I think in the online space there are a lot of “fake it till you make it” mentalities and the truth is, you shouldn’t be doing that when you’re taking money from others. I know that might be controversial but to me, that just isn’t in alignment. When it comes to intuition I think it is huge for your business. When you listen to your intuition it can guide you on what to offer, if someone is a good fit to hire, if you want to work with someone, or the like. Listening to your intuition is huge for your business but you have to learn to trust it even if you can’t always understand what it is trying to tell you. If you’re trying to add intuition to your business, start by taking time to really sit with your feelings before you make any decisions. What are your feelings and your gut telling you? As you do this more often, for big and little things, you’ll get more comfortable trusting your intuition. 

What are you working on now and where can people find you?

I am currently working on launching a product based business. I wanted to let people bring a bit of magic into their homes no matter where they are. This August I’ll be dropping reiki infused candles. They’ll let people bring healing into their homes. Additionally they’ll be topped with crystals, herbs, and infused with powerful intentions and moon magic. You can connect with me on Instagram, TikTok, my free Facebook community, and of course my website

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