As an avid reader as a child, my young mind was blown at the discovery of video games.

I can’t even imagine the number of hours I spent playing Oblivion. The stories, the world, the characters, the awkward animation, it was all so magical.

Imagine my excitement when Skyrim was announced for 11/11/2011. OVER TEN YEARS AGO.

It was the first game I ever pre-ordered and definitely the one I most looked forward to.

When it comes to storytelling there’s a lot that video games can teach you. Sparking curiosity, an element of surprise, a rewarding conclusion – all of it creates an overall experience that thrills and delights.

Another lesson that Bethesda in particular can teach you is that bugs (or mistakes) are unavoidable and add to a story’s charm. Yes it is raining under this shelter but hey, I’m still having a good time.

Other than feeling old today at the fact that one of my favourite games is over 10 years old, I wanted to share that storytelling is always a key part in your content.

Whether it’s educational, informational, inspirational or just plain humorous, it always has its place.

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