Don’t underestimate the value of personal projects.

Expand your portfolio by showing potential clients what you love to create. If you want to do more of a certain kind of work, create more content like that!

One way to do this is to fill a jar with written out content prompts and draw one out each week to work on. Four prompts means four new pieces of content to add to your portfolio each month!

Here are a few prompts you can print out if you need some extra inspiration:

Set yourself realistic goals and get started building your portfolio to show your clients what you’re capable of.

This idea comes from a favourite concept of mine: The Jar Concept. In essence, it’s a concept that involves putting thoughts, ideas or keywords into an empty jar and drawing out a task when creativity is being elusive and feels hard to grasp.

It’s a brilliant way to start coaxing your creativity out again and to get thinking about concepts in a different way.