With so many (often welcome) distractions, it can be helpful to have a little “Content Check In” to keep focus and find your flow again.

Not necessarily a to do list, the Content Check In acts as a way to stay on top of your process and where you are in your content cycle.

Pin point the elements that add value to your content.

What are the most important elements of your process? Pinpointing 3 or 4 can help you keep on track of where you’re going with a piece of content.

For example, if you’re putting together a blog post your Check In could look like this:

  • Optimised title
  • Keywords and phrases
  • Relevant photographs

Have you optimised your title? Check. Have you included keywords and phrases? Check. Are your photographs relevant? Final check.

Ticking off these points is not only satisfying, but help you find out where you are in your process.

When you’re creating your own Check In, follow the prompts below to make sure that you don’t miss any important parts of your process.

  1. First check in: How do you start your process?
  2. Second check in: What helps centre your content?
  3. Third check in: What helps you round off your content?

Mapping out your process from start to finish gives you a repeatable system that you can follow whenever you create a piece of content.

Plus, if you get to the stage where you need to outsource certain parts of your process, you’ll have your own step-by-step formula that your new hire can follow that’s true to your brand.