Are you a copywriter or a content writer?

Copywriters sell benefit-driven ideas with words alone while content writers tell stories to form relationships and encourage engagement.


A copywriter is all about that concise, conversion-driven copy. Think ads, sales pages, and other high-converting assets in your business.

You’re a copywriter if…

  • You can sell an idea to someone with ease
  • Your copy is benefit-driven with your customers’ needs in mind
  • You can warm up potential customers with words alone

A key copywriting tip is to focus on the benefits that speak to the emotions of potential customers. How will what they’re investing in make their life better?

Follow that up with the features that speak to the logical side of the decision where customers try to justify their investment.

You can’t have benefits without the features and vice versa, but you need to find the sweet spot that makes your offer seem like a no-brainer catering to both sides of decision making: emotions and logic.

copywriting definition

Content writing

Content writing, on the other hand, is the copy that attracts your ideal client and invites them into your world. It’s the brand awareness side of content while copywriting is the next step focused on making the sale.

You’re a content writer if…

  • Telling stories is the key to your content
  • Your stories resonate and encourage engagement
  • Long form content (think blog posts) are your go-to

Content writing is the copy that connects with your audience on a deeper level and introduces you (and what you offer) to them in an organic and personal way.

With content writing you’re not asking for the sale quite yet. You’re setting the tone and building a strong relationship with your audience before you invite them to work with you.

content writing definition

Which one (or both!) do you resonate with the most?

As a solopreneur, you may need to wear both hats in the beginning, but with time and practice you can improve your craft and hone in on which you prefer before outsourcing what you don’t enjoy when the time comes.