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cheatsheet + template

You’re spending so much time on content creation but feel like you’re getting nowhere…

Your heart’s just not in it and you’re not connecting with your dream clients.

You’re overwhelmed by all the thousands of strategies available online how could you possibly choose?

It’s time to listen to your intuition. No one knows your business like you do…

The one page content strategy

How would you like to create a captivating content strategy in less time that’s true to your vision? Introducing a new content strategy that service-based entrepreneurs are using to attract their dream clients.



The guidance offered in this template has allowed me to share my message with my audience in a way that’s true to my business – and myself.

You can even use the same content strategy template to create a variety of strategies relating to your key offers and campaigns.

It’s about finding that balance between strategy and creativity. 

Now is the time to rediscover your love of content creation in a way that offers you a clear way forward that’s true to YOU.

About me

Sandy Norman

If you’re thinking, “$7 is cheap. . .what’s the catch?”

I’m happy to put your mind at ease.

  1. It’s important that you have this information to make your life easier and your business more effective!
  2. My goal is to help female entrepreneurs create content in a way that’s fun, easy and effortless. Sharing this method is a step in that direction!
  3. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by content… I believe that this simple strategy will ease your worries and help you put an authentic structure in place to overcome the overwhelm.
Thanks a ton! You shared some very valuable insights around creating and planning content.
Chrystil Pearson
I would recommend Sandy to any small business needing a consistent web-presence.
Robyn Hobson
I want to thank Sandy for her help during my first launch. I can definitely recommend her work.
Gigi Martin

Get ready to eliminate overwhelm

and get clear on a way forward

Follow this cheatsheet + template to uncover your mission, vision and more to create a content strategy that speaks directly to your soul clients and makes an impact!