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get your book market ready

How long have you been wanting to publish your book?

How long have you been telling yourself that it’s almost ready?

Be honest. Weeks, months, or years?

Think about it.

How would you feel once you finally hit publish?

it's time to make your book market ready

Simply put…you need to put your book out there now!

Every day you wait is another day you put off being a published author of one (or more!) books. I want to help you take that step forward to prepare, publish and promote your book.

We’ll work together to polish off your precious work and get it ready for self-publishing 🎉

I’ll support you 1:1 by…


If your book was on sale right now.

What would that look like for you?

Maybe it’s hundreds of excited readers pouring through your words as they connect with your story.

Or maybe it’s to establish your authority in your niche as a badass entrepreneur.

It doesn’t need to be a dream…

…it can become your reality by having a polished book to publish.

So as you can see,

your words are needed

We’ll work together to finalise your book and launch your promotional campaign to excite your readers.

About Me

Sandy Norman

I am first and foremost a writer. a writer of stories, poetry, and enticing copy.

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. From fantastical short stories to marketing blogs – I’ve got the writing know how. My copy-editing and proofreading experience makes me the grammar pain in the ass you need.

I have over 5 years of experience in content creation and design meaning that I can help you position and market your book to build excitement for your amazing work.

Bottom line...

…I can help you finalise, publish, and market your book to take that final leap of faith into the published author world. It’s a good place to be and I want to help you get there.

It’s more than just a 1:1 service. It’s a collaborative experience where we’ll work together to realise your extraordinary vision for your book.

in 2 months, we'll get your book...

proofread for spelling, grammar, consistency, and formatting errors

Formatted for Kindle Direct Publishing for Amazon Self-publishing

attracting readers with a kickass book cover

Speaking for itself with an SEO optimised book description

marketed with a book launch strategy unique to your chosen platforms



With my help we can get your book out there and noticed

As much as we love to write, getting a book out there seems like so much admin and extra steps…That’s where I come in to help you with all the “boring” stuff so that you can get straight to selling your book.

How great would it be to have your book ready to publish? Even better – ready to publish with a full-on content marketing campaign to attract your readers? All you would need to do is press “go”!

Get ready to put the finishing touches

on your ready-to-publish book

I want to help you share your words with the world! You’ve worked hard on crafting your story and I want to help you get it out there for people to read and enjoy it – just as much as you do.

Thanks a ton! You shared some very valuable insights around creating and planning content.
Chrystil Pearson
I would recommend Sandy to any small business needing a consistent web-presence.
Robyn Hobson
I want to thank Sandy for her help during my first launch. I can definitely recommend her work.
Gigi Martin

Frequently asked questions

Set up a free 15 minute consultation to see how we can use content repurposing to get you published!

You’ll have more creative freedom regarding how you format, publish, and promote your book. Having your own book will help to increase your authority in your niche. It can even be used as a lead generation tool!

The price will depend on how many words your manuscript is. Get in touch if you would like to receive a quote to suit your unique needs.

I can help you to publish your book on Amazon and/or your website. I’m here to help you get your book out there for the world to see!