Introducing AI People:

Where AI-Powered NPCs Live, Learn, and Evolve

AI People is an immersive sandbox gaming experience where Large Language Model (LLM)-based agents inhabit a vibrant world, each with their own goals, personalities, and relationships. Befriend, manipulate, or simply observe them as they navigate their lives within the game world.

Using LLM-driven behaviors, our agents learn from player feedback, store long-term memories, and act based on their unique goals. Although we designed the blueprint for their behaviors based on unique personality traits, players have the creative freedom to shape the narrative of the game world in real time.

  • Engage in dynamic conversations: NPCs respond dynamically to topics, emotions, and contextual cues with both players and each other.
  • Foster evolving relationships: NPCs form connections with players and other characters, their attitudes and interactions evolving over time based on player decisions and the unfolding narrative.
  • Express emotions: NPCs exhibit a range of emotions, such as joy, sadness, anger, and excitement, influencing their dialogue choices, behaviors, and interactions.
  • Share compelling backstories: Each NPC possesses a rich and diverse backstory that gives the player insight into their motivations, fears, and desires.
  • Pursue evolving goals: NPCs plan and execute their own goals, which shift and change based on their interactions with the environment and other characters.

Our LLM Agents are able to store and retrieve vital experiences, conversations, plans, and skills thanks to Long-Term Memory (LTM). This means that they can access memories based on context, recency, and relevance to help shape their actions and decisions.

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